Summer, Family and my Exciting News!

Hello everyone and happy almost-over-summer! Thanks for your patience as I haven’t been posting as frequently this summer (hey, I’m not some nerd always attached to my Mac, I’m outside!). Like most peeps we went on a small vacation which was awesome. How has your summer been going???

We’ve totally been taking advantage of living in a beach town! I’ve been trying to surf, and it hasn’t been easy. God bless Bethany Hamilton for doing it with one arm because let me tell ya, I’ve got two perfectly good one’s and…

We’ve also had a lot of family come and visit us in the last two months. Because we have lots of extra room in our house, there’s no need for anyone to get a hotel so we’ve had an open-door policy :) Our lives haven’t been normal since May! There was kids, adults, friends and drinks. Lots of drinks! But, we had a blast.

Ryan, his siblings, niece and nephew. Oh yeah, Stella!

I’m settling in at work with my new position and it certainly has presented it’s challenges, but mostly it has made me stronger. Any Mamas out there that work a demanding job with lots of hours? I feel for ya, because this is tough! But, I’m blessed to have a fun job at a movie studio and a husband who is understanding! Can I get an Amen?! Didn’t know I’d be so preach-y today :)

I also have some wonderful news about Chic Traveling Mama: I have submitted a pitch to turn this concept into a show to Lifetime through the NYTVFestival and I have been named a semi-finalist!

What does this mean? Well, I have to go to the festival in NYC in October (poor me, right?) and meet with a bunch of executive peeps from all kinds of networks (including Lifetime) and strike a deal! The reason I took a job in the film industry was to get closer to my original goal of being a travel host and this has put me one step closer. This lets me know that I am on the right path and that following the most wildest dreams you can think of is the only way to live. Stella will be encouraged by this one day because both of her parents live by this creed. Now, that deserves an Amen!

Check out the official announcement on the NYTVF website. Yeah, I’m fancy.

What are your most wildest and crazy dreams? Are you pursuing them, why or why not??

Filming for some Chic Traveling Mama segments

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