Technology and Your Kids

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We live in a technology era (they also call me Dr. Obvious). It is so crazy the things Stella will grow up with compared to what I grew up with (remember Speak & Spell!?) Or my Mother for that matter. But now she has the latest iPad and even though Stella is only one, she loves that thing. It’s our go-to toy whenever she’s upset. Her favorite thing to do on it? Look at all of our photos on it and scroll away. She whips out her little pointer finger and knows exactly what to do. She occassionally stops to give kisses to Me and Daddy too.

She is getting very iPad saavy. She knows that she can just tap a picture to get it going, and she also has learned how to use all five of her fingers to zoom in and out. Pretty friggin’ cute to watch.

My nephews are also very hip to Angry Birds. It’s their new obsession, Sal just had his 6th birthday party with an Angry Birds theme. Super fun.
I notice all of these kiddos in restaurants and airplanes playing their parents iPad or iPhones. It totally keeps them occupied and QUIET! Who doesn’t love your kiddos behaving and acting like angels in public, especially an airplane? So does everyone else around you!

I have a few favorite apps to get you going that I recommend especially for kiddos:

1. For younger ones like Stella, there is an app called Koi Pond. The graphics are insane, because you feel like you’re actually looking into a real Koi pond. When you touch it, it makes a splash sound and the fish scurry. Kind of cool.

2. My Very First App by Eric Carle. Who doesn’t love Eric Carle (you know, The Very Hungry Catepillar?)? Well, he has an app and it’s great for a wide range of ages. It has different things to learn and teaches things like the sounds animals make and counting. Stella likes it because she can do her little finger scroll, it makes noise and it is simple enough to where she can follow along on the easier games. And it taught her how to Moo already.

3. The last app I’ll mention is the Finding Nemo app. It’s pretty cool because it tells the beloved story of the little clownfish whose Dad had OCD, but in a shortened version and with a puzzle book. Again, Stella’s a huge fan because it’s interactive and she can do her finger scrolling thing with the puzzle pieces.

Although each kiddo is different, these apps seem to be good for lots of ages (it’s been thoroughly tested on Stella and my nephews who are 3 and 6). I think they’re especially good for when you’re in a public place that requires them to behave, and it can totally be educational if you make it that way. With proper guidance and moderation, this can be another tool for all of you Mamas to pull out of the bribery tool box.

Remember, not all technology is bad, we have to embrace the right kind for us and our kiddos. This Thanksgiving, let’s break bread and give Thanks for everything in our lives we’re grateful for, especially our kiddos who make everyday new! I wouldn’t be who I am without my Chic Mama, or her iPad!

Stay Grateful, True and Chic Mamas!

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