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I’m always on the lookout for a Mama who is doing exactly what I admire- always traveling with their kiddos! When Brooke and I first started talking, she really inspired me to share her story with everyone because she is a true testament to never letting kiddos hold you back from traveling. In fact, it can be more fun! As a mother of 2kiddos; a 10 year-old daughter and an 8 year-old son, Brooke really gets out there with the family. Here is what she had to say about her experience traveling with herkiddos (by the way, there is some great tips in here!):1. When did you first start traveling with your kids?

When my daughter was 4 weeks old! We went to my sister-in-law’s engagement party in New York.

2. When on a longer plane ride, what are some of the things you do to keep them occupied?

Depends on the ages. When they were babies, we would endlessly walk up and down the plane and keep a handy supply of interesting things they could hold and stick in their mouths (i.e. plastic cups, spoons, etc.). When they were toddlers, I used to go to the dollar store and buy a ton of cheap, non-choking toys. They would get tired of them after 10 minutes and move onto the next. When they were grade-school age, I would buy activity books and bring art supplies.

3. How do you deal with jet-lag when traveling overseas with your kids?

Just go with it, unless you have to be on a certain time schedule. In going to Italy, jet-lag works for us because the children naturally stay up later and wake up later, which is perfect for our schedule too!

4. How difficult was it making the switch from traveling with 2 kiddos, as opposed to just 1?

Just as difficult as switching from 1 to 2 kids in life, to be honest. Two kids, different stages, different problems on the flights. One of them always needed something. It was so exhausting that we put big trips on hold for a year or so.

5. What are some of your tricks to making travel easier with kids?

My favorite trick when they were small was always to dress them identically in red tops so that I can easily spot them in an airport, which is harder than you might think! My daughter, now 10, thinks that whenever we fly somewhere, she needs to choose a red top! An important part of planning travel with kids is to cut down on driving once you get to a destination. We have tried trips that take us all over, and the end result was a vacation that didn’t feel like a vacation. Choose a spot, get there, and relax! Much more fun all around.

6. When going to a place you have never been before, do you research kid-friendly things to do?

Not really. Our kids have been raised with us and go almost everywhere we go. Children find everything in the world interesting, and if you have raised them to listen and mind you, you will find you can do so much with them that interest you all. The one thing we had to learn that we lost for many years was the ability to go out to dinner after their bedtimes. When the children were small, their bedtimes always trumped our going out at night. The other concession we make is to make our activities kid-friendly. That means that if we go to a museum, we try to choose a museum that might interest them – i.e. The Natural History Museum — or if we go to a museum like Moma, we find interesting exhibits or don’t take too much time, or we don’t bother looking at pictures in the Met – the mummies and knights are more fun! (GREAT piece of advice Brooke!)

Just how often do you travel with your kiddos?

We go to Italy every other year. My son has been 4 times and my daughter 6. They have also been to London, and my daughter to Spain and France. We go to NYC once or twice a year and have since they were babies. We go to California every other year and have since they were babies. We just love to travel and it’s so much fun to show them the world! (OK, officially jealous of these kiddos!)

Thank you Brooke for some wonderful insight and for being a true example of how Mamas can certainly be bold enough to continue traveling after the kiddos are born.
I hope this inspired all of you as much as it inspired me and remember, you can be a Chic Traveling Mama too (I have proof)!

Are you a Chic Traveling Mama too? Do you have some great tips to share? Leave a comment or email me, you could be the next Mama I interview!

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  1. i loved this article, brooke is excactly like my famiy and had advice for traveling that i never would have thought of! thanks a bunch!

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