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I want to draw attention to a Chic Traveling Mama today! Not only is she a good friend of mine and my sister-in-law, but she loves traveling with her family- kiddos included! Want to hear Lindsey’s take on going to beach-y destinations with a 4 and 6 year-old? Read on!

  •  Chic Traveling Mama: How old were the kiddos when you first started traveling?                                                                                                                                  Avery was 23 months and Jackson was 9 weeks. We’ve been to Mexico, San Juan, St.Thomas, Half Moon Cay, Turks, Cacaos, Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cay men, Siesta Key (several times), North Carolina,and more. I spent the last 3 weeks of my maternity leave in Siesta Key with Jackson! I flew alone with him, my breast pump, car seat and stroller. The flight attendants were awesome, and everyone helped me carry my belongings. It was like having an entourage!
  • CTM: You guys love beaches, what are your favorite things to do at the beach with the kiddos?                                                                                                                                                     Every vacation revolves around beaches and sun for us! When it comes to sand: Justin and I take the kids into the water to rinse them off, carry them back in a dry towel and wait until they are dry before taking them back to the room. Eliminates a lot of the mess!
  • CTM: What are your tips to keeping kiddos occupied on the plane?                                                                                                                                          The plane has always been pretty easy, especially when we go places where car seats are needed (there is no option of getting out of a car seat). We pack a DVD player, movies they’ve never seen before, coloring books and plenty of good snacks! On all Continental flights you can swipe your credit card and have Directv at your seat and that’s fabulous too!                                            
  • CTM: In the car?                                                                                                                                        I’m not as crazy about driving! We are fortunate enough to have DVD players in the car as well. We also try to leave in the middle of the night so that they sleep a good amount of the way. If they get restless we stop for a bit. Especially for our son who has a good amount of energy! Dance parties in the car also help!! : )
  •  CTM: What are your tips to adjusting them back to home?                                                                                                                                Getting back to bed time routines is harder now that we have two! Our 6 year-old, Avery adjusted with no problems. Jackson (our 4 year-old) is always more tricky because on vacation, he gets used to sleeping in the same room as us every night! But, we just go home and get right back to it. Tears always flow, but after a few days things get better!
  • CTM: What are your future travel plans?                                                                                                                                       We are visiting my husband’s brother, sister-in-law (enter this Chic Traveling Mama :)) and daughter this year for spring break on the North Carolina coast! Just a twelve hour car ride and we’re there! Easter on the beach with family is the new greatest tradition in our family.
  •  CTM: Any last minute advice for Mamas who would like to travel with their kids but are nervous??                                                                                                                                             Just do it! Life is too short to look back and have regrets over fears! To me, vacations are the whole reason to work! These are my favorite memories and the pictures are incorporated into many of our nighttime story rituals. Our children think that traveling is the most fun thing in the world, and so do we!

So there you have it folks, I hope you learned a lot about traveling with kids and maybe you got some great ideas too!
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Stay, Chic and Traveling this spring, Mamas!

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