The Best Family Travel Apps!

What a whirlwind these past couple of weeks! Besides Stella’s 2nd birthday (tear!),  and 4th of July, we had family staying with us for 10 days! There was my brother with his family, my 2 sisters and their kiddos and my Aunt with her family was staying in a nearby beach condo. Wow. We are finally recovered from all of the chaos and our house is almost back to normal! We have a vacation with my husband’s family next week in Tennessee and we already have more in-laws planning a trip down in August! We are loved, I must say (yeah right, it’s Stella they’re after). I will try to be on here as much as I can between now and then.

As I was doing some research, I came across several lists of the best apps for traveling. I decided to tailor it to the Best Family Travel apps money can buy! Or not, some of them are free :)

1. Mom Maps. Love it, although it could put me out of business for good! This awesome app will locate all of the family-friendly things there is to do around you. Not only that, but it provides reviews from other parents and will tell you exactly how to get there. How awesome is that? A must for any Mama! (Free)

2. Roadside America. With so many of us traveling by car these days, use this app to let you know about all of the cool, strange and stop-worthy attractions along your route. How great to break up a long ride! Bet you even learn a thing or two you didn’t know before (but probably not your husband, he knows everything, right?!)…(starting at $1.99)

A Family Matters
Family Matters- $1. 99

3.  SitOrSquat. “Mommy, I have to go now!” Sound familiar? This can be terrifying if you’re in the middle of a crowded tourist attraction half-way across the world. This app will put your fears to rest by helping you to locate a bathroom (or even a changing table) around wherever you happen to be. Sa-wish! (Free)

4. Family Matters. I heart this app! It actually is designed to bring families closer by asking questions that help you learn about one another! It even has different starters depending on your locations, how adorable is that?! What better way to kill the time?

5. Packing (+TO DO!). Awarded one of the best travel apps by National Geographic, this is the ultimate packing tool. You can write any kind of lists you need, use their templates, save, edit and more! Although I don’t have any experience with this app, it got wonderful reviews and has won several awards. (0.99)

What are you favorite travel apps? I’d love to know your thoughts, leave a comment below. Don’t forget to follow by email or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
Stay Chic and Travelin’ Mamas!


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  1. These are awesome family-based travel apps, thanks! My daughter really loves the Family Matters app, and even wants to play it while we’re at home. I have a couple games for her too, like Angry Birds. Another great one is the Crayola Colour Studio app; which really encourages creativity! Another great app for the kids, especially if you’re travelling, is this remote access app I got through my

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