The Best Outdoor Spring Activities (beat the boredom AND go green!)

The spring weather has officially arrived (or at least I hope it’s here to stay). I hope wherever you are, you’re experiencing some sunshine, too. Just think, barbecues, Mojitos and flip-flops season is getting closer…

Since the kids love being outside and it’s not quite beach/pool time, I compiled a small list of outdoor activities that will beat the boredom busters and offer loads of family fun.

1. Geocaching. This is a big trend right now and something the kids will LOVE. All you need is a GPS (or a GPS enabled phone) and a thirst for adventure! In short, geocaching is a worldwide hide-and-best outdoor activities for kidsseek/treasure hunt. There are caches (i.e. small to big plastic containers of some sort) containing a log book and pencil with something meaningful to that person just waiting to be dug up. They are in nature usually on a hiking trail, in a park, by the water or a city street. After you find it, you record the coordinates on the website for someone else to discover. These are hidden all over the world, on all seven continents (yes, Antarctica); the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re staying in town or going on vacation, login and find adventures near you at There will be plenty!

2. Start a Garden or buy a few Plants. This can be as involved as you decide. You can buy some seeds (they even have fun things like chocolate mint) or you can use seeds of things you already have eaten. I have a friend who stuck an avocado pit in a pot and it sprouted quickly (such little maintenance!). You could also start composting which is something fun for the kids to contribute (even their friends can help by bringing over their kitchen items). Or maybe buy an outdoor plant and teach them the importance of caring and nourishing.

3. Have a Garage/Yard Sale. This is a fantastic way to show kids how to let go of the things they no longer need. They’ll really enjoy collecting their items and making their first sale. How about making lemonade to sell, too? Have fun planning on what you will do with the money you earn.

4. Volunteer! Warning: your kid’s enthusiasm may surprise you on this one. What better way to spend part of their weekends helping others? This will create strong morals and will be very rewarding. Visit to find opportunities near you.

How do you plan to spend your sunny days? Let me know in the comments below or tell me on Instagram, be sure to tag me @chictravelingmama!

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