The Best Way to Camp with Kids

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Were you a huge camper before baby came along? Have you since stopped because you think it would be too difficult with the babe in tow? Well, reconsider! Kiddos of all ages love to camp (think of all those “forts”they love building in the living room), and as the warm weather is upon us (it’s coming, I swear) it’s a great time to start planning your next camping trip with Mr. Man and Fam.
Here are some of the essentials to take:

#1. Bring a portable play pen. This is going to be your BFF because it not only establishes a safe play zone for your kiddo, it doubles as a campfire protector. Wrap this around your fire (not too closely of course) so the babe can’t get burned. This one from Superyard XT is supposed to be good. Safety first, right?

#3. A big plastic bin for baths. You could use it to pack your blankets or tent in, and when it’s empty you can put the babe in it for a bath. They’ll have fun and get squeaky clean. It’s a win-win. Don’t forget the bubbles :)

#4. Bring the Pak-N-Play. They’re away from home and in the woods where there’s strange noises and the like. They need to feel safe at bedtime (and naps) so provide them with their own crib-like place. Again, you can also use it to keep them in one spot. Does it feel like I’m referring to them like they’re wild animals that need to be contained?! Because I certainly don’t feel that way (OK maybe sometimes)!

#5. A portable high-chair that hooks onto your picnic table. You may forget now just how much you’re bothered when you can’t get your kiddo to eat until you’re running around a campsite trying to get them to take bites while they’re chasing a butterfly. Make it easy on yourself and get something to nail those suckers down to the table. Just kidding. Kind of.

#6. A potty chair. If you have a baby, ignore this one. But, if you have a toddler who is potty-trained or almost potty-trained then this is a great tool. Even if you have older kiddos this will come in handy if you don’t have access to bathrooms. If your babe is still learning to use the potty, camping may be a great time to let them go diaper-less and hone those skills! Take a look at this portable potty from Bonaco Caboose, it’s awesome!

So the big essentials are out of the way.  This is great advice not just for camping, but for any outside play time you will have coming up.
Remember to stay Chic and Adventurous this summer, Mamas!!

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