The Big 3-0 Celebration!

A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture as a sneak peek of my 30th birthday celebration:

 Well, I promised a blog with more pictures to follow, and here it is. Ta-da! (Hey, better late than never, right?)

I was feeling a bit nostalgic this year so I decided to go back to a place we used to go allll the time growing up. And a lot of my family still goes there every year- Summersville Lake in WV. I grew up boating and camping there and created some of my best memories there. I was stoked to create more! We invited a few friends and some of our family just happened to be there- a very happy coincidence!

Here are some of the highlights in pictures:

When we arrived, priority #1 was getting the campsite set up so we could get on the lake. Ryan is very proud of himself for putting this together, can you tell?

What was super funny was that my cousin and her fiance didn’t quite measure how big their tent was versus how big their air mattress was… oh boy…

Can you guess which one of them was actually supposed to sleep in that tent? That’s right- the angry one!

Below was the solution they came up with. That is, after the tent got extremely wet later that day and night #1 was spent in their car…oops. It was not their weekend with a tent. But they were good sports about it all :)

After we got all of the hard work out of the way, it was boat time! How beautiful is this scenery?

A big part of going to this destination is the cliffs and coves you can swim in and around. And dive off of if you so dare…

This was one of the smallest ones, we decided to do a group jump. Ryan and I are on the right side. He ended up smacking arms with my cousin next to him. Ouch!

After a little jumping I decided to slalom ski (skiing on one ski). After multiple tries, I was getting a lot of flack from the peeps in the boat (much to my dismay). Feeling defeated (and a wee irritated), I tried the next morning and voila! Could I use anymore parentheses in this short paragraph? (Yes, probably).

We had so much fun!

Last but not least, one of my favorite pictures of the whole weekend. These are my two younger cousins. How beautiful are they?!
And there you have it. Family, good friends and a gorgeous lake- what more can a girl ask for??
P.S. The answer to the first picture is: we jumped! I know the answer was just killing you…

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