The Coolest Thing My Mom Ever Did (that no one else is doing)

Last week was my Mom’s birthday (July 11th) and although this post is a little late in honoring her, she’s completely accustomed to my tardiness so no need to throw her for a loop now.
You see, recently a simple chat with a stranger gave me perspective on a decision my Mom made nearly 34 years ago.

Antonia the I and II

I’ve always spoken about it as if it’s no biggie because that’s what we do when we grow up with something; we deem it as completely normal. And, this total (drunk- not kidding) stranger made me realize, it’s actually pretty damn extraordinary.

So what is it? She named a child after herself.
My sister, Antonia has the same exact name (middle name included) as my Mom (it really came in handy when my sister and I ‘borrowed’ my Mom’s Express credit card on occasion- for completely good reason I assure you).
My Dad did it first with my brother, Joey (do we sound completely Guido yet?). So just to recap, after four kids my parents both named a child after them.

I’ve never heard of another woman doing this in my whole life but, the question begs, why don’t we? Why isn’t that a tradition? Are we as women so insecure that we can’t even pay ourselves the ultimate compliment? “Oh, I could never do that, I hate my name…”  I can practically hear you thinking as you read this.
I applaud my Mom for thinking outside the box and I would encourage other Mamas to have the same mentality she does: “I liked my name and I thought it should continue- why not?”

Brava, Mama! Oh, and Happy Birthday :)

What are the chances that you’d do this???

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