The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Flea Remedy

If you own a pet then I’m sure you have had your experience with fleas (please say I’m not the only one).

We have a Jack Russell Terrier named Graci, and we’ve definitely had our fair share of problems. In our quest to get Graci flea-free, we have tried everything.

Because the typical flea medications from our vet weren’t working AND get expensive, there is now some speculation about how safe these are for your pet after prolonged use.

I’ve done some research on natural and cost-effective ways to get these things out of our hair for good. Well, her hair…you know what I mean.Natural Flea Remedies

Some of the noteworthy things that I’ve come across in my research from various reputable websites and forums (some I’ve tried, some I haven’t) are the following:

1. Amethyst. From what I’ve read, just putting this stone in your pet’s water bowl will keep fleas at

bay (who doesn’t love easy?). It works by releasing a mineral in the water that fleas detest.

From what I gathered, it tends to work better on cats than dogs, but it’s been known to work on

both. This is a great solution for anyone having more than one pet that shares the same bowl.

Just make sure it’s big enough so your furry friend doesn’t ingest it. Oh, and be prepared to

answer to guests in your home that ask why your ring is in the dog bowl (this one I’ve tried and it works great!).

2. Garlic. Because I’m 100% Italian this is in my house at all times and is one of my BFF’s (much to

my husband’s dismay). Be cautious of not using too much of this, but adding a clove to your

dog’s food bowl a couple times a week will leave their skin tasting less than desirable. Another

easy remedy that’s worth a shot.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar (also known as ACV). Pour a spoonful in your pet’s bowl to give their body

an acidic taste that fleas can’t get down with. If your pet can’t get down with ACV either, put it in a

spray bottle diluted 50/50 with water and spray on for a repellant (I can also attest to this one, works

like a charm).

4. Rosemary. Steep 2 cups of fresh rosemary in boiling water for a half an hour. Add up to a gallon

of water (depending on how big your dog is), and wait until it’s lukewarm. Pour on your dog,

drenching them (careful of eyes and ears) and let them air dry.

5. Brewer’s Yeast. I’ve heard some great things about this. The dosage is:

a half teaspoon per day can be dosed to cats, and 1 teaspoon per day for small dogs, and up to 2

heaping teaspoons per day for bigger dogs. I like this again, because of the simplicity of it and it’s

fairly cheap. Also, they sell a brewer’s yeast and garlic formula at most pet stores.

6. Diatomaceous Earth. This has been recommended to me a couple of times but I haven’t tried it

yet. This is a great solution for the yard, but be sure to get the human grade and not the kind for

your pool! Sprinkle it on the lawn on a non-windy, dry day to keep fleas and ticks under control

outside (hey, if they’re in your lawn, they’ll get on your pet). You can sprinkle it every couple of

months but be careful to not breathe in the dust. I also read that it can be used for flea

problems inside the home, but again be cautious of breathing it in. I have mixed emotions about

using it on your pet and inside the home but there are people who swear by it.


You can find a lot of remedies online that are proven to be a safe and cost-effective solution for your

pet. Be sure to always check with your veterinarian before exploring these many options. What has

worked for you in the battle against fleas? Leave a comment below, I hope to see you there!


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