Moving with Your Kids

We are moving again!
Big Shocker. Some would say it’s the story of our lives. I’d almost have to agree. But each time we do, “we be movin’ on up!” So, despite the fact that we are moving five minutes down the road into a bigger home…we are packing (ick). As with every time we pack, we organize. There’s always a Goodwill pile. So, as we start this process again, I realize that I have learned a lot about what to keep, and what to give away.

As my hubby may disagree, I am not a pack rat. I am very good at giving things away, a little too good I think. I have lived by the rule: “if you haven’t worn it in a year, you should toss it.” What a load of bull. This rule has come back to bite me in the butt too many times! I actually miss several pieces of clothing that I gave up. I think about them fondly sometimes as I get ready in the morning wishing I still had them. It has inspired me to share a few tips for those who are packing their lives up like me, or just simply cleaning out their closet (oh and because making lists are kinda fun):

1.) Keep your classic pieces people! I was stupid enough to give away a denim blazer, black slacks, white slacks, black stilettos, blouses, etc. The list goes on! No, I didn’t wear them all of the time but they’re not everyday wear. From the great wordsmith Vivian Ward of Pretty Woman, “Big mistake. Big. Huge.”

2.) When in doubt- keep. Is a tank top or pair of slacks going to take up that much room? Probably not. If you’re unsure about giving something away just keep it until the next time you are forced to re-evaluate. Better safe than sorry, right? “I’m a safety girl.”

3.) Keep anything of sentimental value. I have a few pieces I got in Europe that I can’t part with, and I tote them to every house even though I don’t wear them a lot. I give myself that.
To this day I’m still tormented by my Mom because as we cleaned out the basement a few years ago I told her we should get rid of all kinds of toys we had when we were little. Now I kinda wish we still had those for my daughter and nephews. And my Mom won’t let me hear the end of it either; TRUST, that’s reason enough.

4.) Don’t listen to anyone else about getting rid of something. My cousin Maranda made fun of a brown leather jacket I got when I worked at the Gap (another classic piece). All of her nagging made me want to give it away. Stupid me, she was wrong and I miss that jacket! (“The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?”)

5.) I’m a big believer in waiting until it comes back in style. Some say this is stupid, but there is just some stuff that I should have held onto because I know that I could have made it work later. I say go for it. Unless there is a safety pin holding up your boot or something.

6.) Don’t get rid of anything while you’re pregnant or just got done being pregnant. Maybe a lot of you can’t relate to this one, but I gave up a lot of my clothes when I still had a lot of baby weight to lose. I even got rid of some stuff I wore at the very beginning of my pregnancy because looking at it made me remember how nauseated I was when I wore it last. You’ll just have to trust me on this one: don’t get rid of anything until you’re waaaay over being preggo.

Alright, I hope this helped out! Most of all I hope I saved you from making some of the mistakes I have made. Doesn’t a wise man learn from other’s mistakes or something? So please, take it to heart. Except the part about glamorizing a prostitute turned princess (“Hey, it could happen!”).

Stay chic, stay movin’ and stay organized, Mama!

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