This PB2 and Cacao Shake is to die for!

I’m passionate about food. Maybe it’s my Italian roots, but when I find a food I enjoy AND that’s healthy for me, I can’t get enough.  And it’s happened again with this peanut butter, chocolate smoothie.

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Now, when I say peanut butter and chocolate, you’re probably wondering what’s healthy about that. Really, I’m using much healthier ingredients that will give you the same taste with a third of the calories.

I’ve written about cacao before, and I’m still using it all the time. The health benefits are endless and its the derivative of chocolate, so that means that it’s chocolate only healthier, right? Well, yeah. Can it get any better than that?? Actually it may.
See, I’m using cacao nibs this time and I don’t blend until smooth so that there’s little bits of cacao to chew on, much like chunky PB. Or, like a Reese’s Blizzard. OK, maybe not exactly like that but as close as I can get it!

I won’t even tell you how much I love peanut butter. And if you love it too, then PB2 is totally worth checking out.

This shake is also fab because there is a banana and ground flax seed in it. You could also put in other things like hemp hearts (which I’ve tried and can say that they taste great), protein powder (I like Vega),  Goji berries, etc. You really can’t go wrong.

*A side note with the bananas (anyone else have to sing that Gwen Stefani song when they spell bananas or is it just me?), I use 1.5-2 because I like my shakes thick and creamy. If you don’t, then stick to one. Also, I freeze mine when they’re overly ripe so that the natural sweetness is captured (and I never throw any away, another good thing). Another bonus to freezing them is the shake comes out nice and chilled. If you don’t have super sweet bananas then you can consider adding a bit of sweetener like honey and some ice cubes.

This is what they look like right before I peel them and then stick them in the freezer

OK, I’ll stop talking and get to the point: the recipe.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shake
  • 1-2 bananas (see the side note above)
  • 2 TBS of PB2
  • 2.5 TBS of Cacao Nibs
  • 1 TBS ground flax seed
  • 1.5 cups of Almond or Coconut milk
  • Pinch of salt (I use Pink Himalayan)
  • Optional: 1 TBS of Cacao powder
Blend for about twenty seconds or until you see the nibs break up a bit. I like to leave the nibs sort of big so I can still kind of chew on them but if you don’t then blend until completely smooth.
Relax and enjoy!

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