Traveling to Southern Florida with Kids!

Southern Florida is a wonderful place to visit and this time of year the weather is just right: not too hot. Beautiful beaches with easy parking, playgrounds and plenty of free things to do that will keep the whole fam happy without breaking the bank (always a plus, right?) is easy to do.

I traveled to Cape Coral (Gulf) and then to Boynton Beach (East Side) which is what this post will focus on.
Can I start off saying that the beaches in Boynton are extremely beautiful? The water is not only as clear as your backyard pool, but they are clean too.
I recommend parking at Gulfstream Park: you can park very close to the beach for free (although finding a parking spot on the weekends is a bit more challenging). There is a lovely path you follow to the water complete with new playground equipment, picnic areas, restrooms and a plenty of wildlife (i.e. lizards and insects galore).

Another thing I love about this beach is that it stays shallow. Even when we got out pretty far we could still touch. The kids were able to splash around in the water and I didn’t have to worry about them getting too far from me because the water was pretty calm. Make sure you bring the goggles and snorkeling stuff as they’re able to see all of the small fish swimming around you- very tropical!

If you need a break from all the sand, check out the Congress Avenue Barrier Free Park. It’s a lot of fun for the kids. There’s new playground equipment, water sprinklers and even an area for children with disabilities to play. They provide plenty of benches and chairs for parents and a covered picnic area for when you get hungry. They totally had a ball, can’t ya tell?

Here are a list of some other attractions that are also super fun:

When you get hungry, be sure to check out The Diner. It has generous portions, it’s family-friendly and the food is unreal.

What are your recommendations?? Leave a comment below!

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