What’s you toddler trying to tell YOU?

I’m no child expert, but I am when it comes to my child. Part of the fun of being a Mama is learning all the little quirks that shape her personality( all of the questionable ones coming from her Dad, of course).  And as we approach the 2 and-a-half mark, I’m enjoying the language skills most of all.

Here’s a small list of what she says vs. what it actually means:

  • Phrase: “No!!” Meaning: Get out of here with that, are you kidding me?!
  • Phrase: “”Guppies!” Meaning: I want to watch Bubble Guppies. Right this second.
  • Phrase: “Blankie” Meaning: I need my favorite blanket because your comfort simply isn’t enough for me.
  • Phrase: “Paci” Meaning: See “Blankie” meaning above. 
  • Phrase: “Ca-cake” Meaning: I want what I think are cupcakes, but what you’ve so cleverly disguised as healthy sweet potato banana muffins. Get the recipe here.
  • Phrase: “Buh-byes” Meaning: I wanna get the heck out of here, I’m bored.
  • Phrase: “Me hungry” Meaning: Classic stall tactic for when we suggest bedtime.
  • Phrase: “Ma Mice” Meaning: You make ice in your drink look super fun, I want some too.
  • Phrase: “Arms up” Meaning: Take my shirt off, why am I dressed? She says this one more than I care to admit…
  • Phrase: “I help you” Meaning: Help me do this/do it for me. (it derived from when we constantly ask her if we can help her with something)
  • Phrase: “I want Daddy!” Meaning: He won’t agree with what you’re doing to me right now, bring him in here. He’ll make it right, where is he?
  • Phrase: “One more” Meaning: I want more of what I have, but I promise I won’t ask again if you just give me one more. This is a blatant lie, by the way. Ryan falls for it all the time.
Hmm, are you sure that’s what I mean??

That’s what my toddler is trying to tell me. What’s yours trying to tell you? Leave a comment below.
I just hope I’m not wrong about the hungry one…

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