When Did We Start Hating the Mirror?

I watch my little Stella and I’m in awe; she’s confident, giggly and dancing replaces walking almost automatically.
The simplest things bring her joy and the mirror is one of them. With two (yes, two- judge me) full-length mirrors in our house, she’s singing, talking and dancing for herself. Any chance she has to get in front of that mirror and see the new outfit she just put on (she changes about 4x a day but that’s a whole other blog), trust, she takes it. And I admire her for it.

Even at the store…if there’s a mirror, she’s finding it

You see, there was a time I can remember being a little girl and loving the mirror too. Then something happened: I grew up and got all self-conscience. And now? Well, like most women, depending on the day, I try and avoid it.

So when did things change? Perhaps they changed as we got older and noticed we didn’t look like the photo shopped models in magazines or the celebrities that live seemingly ‘normal’ lives complete with trainers, chefs and all of the Botox and beauty tricks money can buy.
So this summer, instead of researching what you can do to be and feel skinnier, I encourage you to love what you have. Embrace your bod and set an example for your little ones: that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Agreed?

Tell me, when did you start hating the mirror?? I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below :)

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