Why Gym Clothes are the New Hip Clothes

I love fashion! That being said, I’ll occasionally post about trends in clothing. And I’ve been super excited because I love the direction fashion is moving in and I never thought I’d say that about 90s-inspired clothing. Come on, did you think any of us would be wearing fluorescent colors and bodysuits again?

But can we just step back and focus on the fact that gym clothes are becoming mainstream again? Gone are the days that casual clothing like tennis shoes and sweats are something you hide in at home.

This is fantastic not only because I’m a regular gym-goer but also because comfortable clothes are something every Mama needs. This is the best news I’ve heard since finding out dark chocolate is good for your health (for real).

Let me give you a few examples:
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1. Sweats are the new yoga pants.

I love that sweats are making a comeback (again, never thought I’d say that). I haven’t owned a pair since I was on the gymnastics team and we sported them during warm-ups. But, there’s some super cute ones out there, like these from H&M.

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What I wore to the National Championship party we went to. Also, I got MAJOR bonus points for repin’ his team on my blog :)

2. Tennis shoes are the new stilettos.

These are Nike Lunar Elite Sky Hi and I heart them. And yes, you can wear them to workout!

I’m so stoked that tennis shoes are becoming chic again. Recently, New Balance and Kate Spade teamed up to make this line of bad johnnies.

But the best part is that we don’t have to wear them just to the tennis court (wait, did anyone ever do that?), we run errands, shop at the mall and travel in these. Also, I sport them with not only my sweats but jeans, too. Amen.

3. Yay for ‘sweat’ shirts.

I think it’s so great that itchy sweaters aren’t our only options in the winter, aren’t you? This is my go-to outfit on most weekends and it’s beyond comfy. I’m partial to heather grey but this would look good in almost any color and you can find these just about everywhere. Chic and cozy= winning.
Because let’s face it, we were all looking for a reason to wear a sports bra for the entire day.

How about you, do you agree? What comfy clothes do you wear? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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