Why I’m NOT Putting an Elf on the Shelf

“He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.” Isn’t that a nice thought if you’re a small child trying to fall asleep? Nothing like a little comfort and joy, let me tell ya! Yet Santa, with his big ol’ belly and rosy cheeks, somehow sneaks past the creepiness radar. Fine. Whatever. I’ll accept that. But I just can’t give into that Elf on the Shelf!

I have one. Someone gifted it to Stella last year. I had no idea what it was. As I unwrapped the box and read through the book, I was a little confused. “So wait, this elf sits in our house watching Stella  to make sure she’s behaving because if not he’ll tell Santa and she won’t get any presents??” Whaaaaaaaat, for real-zy??? Am I the only one that thinks that the fear of not getting presents isn’t the way to teach children to be “good” boys and girls? But really, aren’t they missing the point? I don’t mean to sound all cliche, I really don’t, but what is Christmas really all about?

I know it’s different for everyone, I get that. I know what it is to our family (Happy birthday, Jesus), but I think most of us agree that Christmas should be more about giving, and less about getting. That little Elf scares kids to change their behavior for a month out of the year or else- gasp!

What if we taught our children more about how it feels to give their old toys to Toys for Tots before replenishing their supply?
Yeah, I know, I don’t really have kids who are old enough to understand all of this stuff, but I want to start from the beginning with Stella. Think about it, who likes those evangelists who try and scare people into God by telling them how bad hell is? It’s a desperate attempt, not to mention a big turn-off.

And I’m not saying that anyone who has one of these Elf ‘s  is a bad parent or is doing wrong by their kids, I just know it doesn’t fit into our family dynamic (is anyone thinking of the Seinfeld episode where they’re talking about being gay and always end it with, “Not there’s anything wrong with that.” Yeah, that’s me right now!). Needless to say, if you are totally into it and are in need of one, I have one sitting on a shelf- in our attic.

You see, they just can’t be trusted…(photo courtesy of LameBook.com)

How about you, do you bring out the ol’ Elf and sit him on the shelf to keep a watchful eye? Why or why not?? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below!

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  1. So you are right, but don&#39;t lose the &#39;spirit of Christmas time.&#39;<br />The &#39;Toys for Tots&#39; idea is excellent, for every new toy coming in, they should retire two old ones.<br />They say I am a Tough Love Guy, but at least I love my kids!

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